Meet the artist : Lea Riviere

Léa Rivière, has a strong belief system. History, prehistory; anthropology, mythology; rituals, knowledge (both discovered and unconscious); humanity and animals –all play an intrinsic role in the artist’s work. Her canvases are filled with symbols, collective memories, a deep awareness of spirituality and the often quiet role women play in the history of the sacred. Her deliberate use of many layers of transparent glazes and washes illustrates this complexity of subject matter in a most profound connection to the act of creating art manifest through its most basic medium- the draw line. 

All other her work- the drawing- whether she uses watercolour, acrylics, ink or charcoal. As a result of discovering sculpture, Rivière has also incorporated collage, printing, scratching, silica ands other substance into her canvases or paper. 

Horses are of particular interest to this French native as they convey qualities of freedom, power and innate wildness, witch mankind has always resonated. Rivère blurs the line between rider and mount in her many descriptions, as each becomes the guide and protector for the other. (See The Great Winged Guide on the facing page for an example.) Many Thanks to Dr. Andreas Giannakis and Marian Reed for their suggestion.